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There is more than one way to learn

Our Literacy Studio offers the comfort of a traditional classroom setting, but we have stepped things up a notch.  In this space language acquisition is our main focus, while the arts are integrated as learning channels.

Literacy Studio

BLENDED  arts  classes are structured in interrelated learning segments where
children explore different fields, discover their likes and dislikes and find the learning path that suits them best. 


Because not everyone understands the world in the same way.

Our Visual Arts Studio is an inspiring space where language, self-expression and socio-emotional development come together.  It is an environment where language acquisition happens in stress-free and natural fashion.   

Visual Arts Studio

In this space children will gain awareness of their voice and personal space and learn to respect the voice and personal space of others.  Here, we focus on sounds and moves and let language be absorbed seamlessly.

Music and Movement Studio

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